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Be Intentional

About Me

Hi and welcome to Keslie B Fitness. My name is Keslie Baker, and I am thrilled you're here. I am a registered nurse, certified personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and a Certified NeuFit Practitioner. My passion for physical fitness started at a young age where I devoted most of my time to basketball and progressed into my career as a nurse and trainer. Having worked in healthcare for almost 10 years, I saw how living an unhealthy life can lead to so many health concerns. So, with my desire to help others, and my love for fitness and nutrition, I concurrently carry out a combination of services that help guide others to optimal health each day. I love working with people and being their guide, support, and encouragement on a daily basis to be the best versions of themselves. Perfection isn't the goal, it's all about being intentional. 

Looking forward to working with YOU!

Be Intentional, 

Keslie B



Customized training that meets you where you are and guides you to a better, healthier you!

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Clean eating doesn't have to be boring! Customized nutrition recipes, behavior change coaching, macro counting, and more!

Initial Consultation FREE 

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Enhance you stage presence through the art of posing by stitching together a routine unique to your physique!

-Bikini & Wellness Divisions-

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The NeuFit Method works with the nervous system to assist in: Faster Healing

Getting Fitter

Performing Better

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No new clients at this time; Maternity Leave 8/24 - 10/24



At Keslie B Fitness, you're not just another client. You are somebody who is important and deserves a working relationship with a coach dedicated to your health and wellness. Whether it's fitness, nutrition, posing for competitors, or work with the Neubie device YOU are the focus. I pride myself in forming rapport with each client by providing quality services through listening, understanding, research, and behavior change. Let's work together for YOU.

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Thanks for Contacting Us!

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